Frustration boiling over amongst Liverpool fans (RANT)

Warning: This is a rant! I’ve given myself a few days to calm down so it is not as extreme as it could have been.



After Liverpool lost to West Brom on Monday, most if not all Liverpool fans were left feeling dejected and fed up. Angry at the teams failure to score from the 19 chances created, upset that Gerrard didn’t convert his penalty and disconcerted that a top 4 spot is virtually out of reach. Even the most optimistic of fans would tell you now that a top 4 finish just wont happen. Liverpool fans have been forced to settle for mid-table finish since Rafa’s days and it’s hard to see when the rot will stop and things will improve.


The problem lies with the players first of all. It’s not as if Liverpool has a poor squad. There are a number of very good players in the squad. The squad is filled with internationals so why aren’t Liverpool challenging higher up the table? I only hope that Brendan Rodgers can find a solution, and I hope he does it quickly. I was dismayed to see the lack of support on Twitter for Brendan Rodgers. Fickle fans annoy me and I never would have associated that with Liverpool fans. Support your team through the good times and bad times. 


On to Jonjo Shelvey now. The abuse he received on Twitter after and during the game is nothing short of a disgrace. He is a young player who was being played out of position. If anyone should be blamed for that it’s Rodgers. I didn’t understand the selection when I seen it first and I still don’t. Yet again a sign of the fickleness that some so called supporters show. It’s a horrible trait and if fans are going to be like that then I think a club like United would be better suited for them.


Frustration is part and parcel with supporter a club like Liverpool. Since the highs of 2005 and 2006, us Liverpool fans haven’t had much to cheer about. The odd glimpse of genius from Suarez, Gerrard and now Sturridge is about all we’ve been able to cheer lately but surely with the class of player that’s at the club now and the way that Liverpool are playing, results will become more positive. Wont they?


The Europa League is still not priority for me. I would rather us concentrate on finishing higher in the league than putting the likes of Suarez out against Zenit. Rodgers will want us to win the competition i’m sure, but if it means we finish 8th or 9th then I think we should be looking ahead to Swansea. Maybe I’m just ignorant and am too used to seeing Liverpool playing in the Champions League for so many years. The Europa League for me is a second class competition and at the moment i think it hinders progress. I know that people wont agree but that’s how I feel.


Zenit have not played in over two months so a reserve team should get away with an okay result. Suso, Borini and the likes should be given a run out because I think that they are capable of getting something from the game.


Rant over. I feel better now that’s off my chest…..


11 thoughts on “Frustration boiling over amongst Liverpool fans (RANT)

  1. any cup,is a pleasure to win,thats what LFC, are about,wiinning cups,leagues,why wouldnt we go for the europa cup,having said that ,kenny concentrated on the fa cup ,after losing at anfield to arsenal,basically sealing a non top 4 finish..,the top 4 has gone,but a quik 1 here,,top 4,for liverpool footballl club,is what alot of our fans hanker for,but to me ,,i say stuff your top 4,,top1 ,should alwayas be the target,wheather you agree KENNY WON A CUP IN HUS FIRST FULL SEASON,HE AS ASSEMBLING A STRONG SQUAD,,BUT WAS SACKED,fior finishing out of the top 4,,,FSG to me dont care that much,about the top4,,SPONSERS SHIRTS TV MONEY IS WHAT FSG WANTED ,and got,,theyve finaced a cheap young squad,which in my opinion,will never get anywere winning the league,and in comes brandon rodgers,he will get the best out of the young players,like a modern coach should do,…a few things are misssing for me,,passion,& me carregher should be installed as rodgers number 2,,today…but FSG wont have that,,FSG want a universal liked team,,not a club belonging to liverpool,but a club belonging to the million of tv viewers all over the world,thay want and have got a franchise,,would you buy tesco,and exclusively localise it,,no…we ,as fans have no leader,as kenny was,rafa,houlier,evens,paisley shanks,joe,all were,.its quite depressing,to see WBA,EVERTON,ARESENAL MANURE above us in the league,its so sad

  2. Great article but with jonjo omg! He’s flopped and the role he plays is good 4 him. The point is he even step in 4 suarez and scores a so call owngoal that was woeful credited to his name. How many appearances has he had? How many starts? I even think the 4231 or 4213 in variance was adopted by rodgers to suited jonjo instead. The fact is he was ok but got carried away as young english lad normally piss off. He was over when he got the united redcard. Imo the wba formation c’dve been the test case for rodgers and my genius suso. Why coz i saw hendo more at the left wing and jonjo in the middle and downing at right wing so suso playing in his favorite position? Omg! That c’dve been the master fluidity of the lad. Coward rodgers 4 not playing suso but did the english bias and opt for non starter jonjo. Point clear he needs a sporting director now!

  3. Good piece.

    Shaktar have had 5 friendlies so they’ll be sharp enough. Sending a reserve side would have been ridiculous though; we can’t afford to throw away the Europa; what’s the alternative.. put everything into league performance TO GET BACK INTO EUROPA?!.. It’s all about finding a balance. I wouldn’t have brought Agger or Johnson, but that’s why he’s the manager, paid to make the big decision.

    Thing is, we cannot afford to throw Europa away, it IS a great competition, a competition we’ve won 3 times in our history and something we’re all very proud of.

    Of course we need to stay competitive in the league, we cannot capitulate like we did last season – our last 19 league games last season amounted in a paltry 18 points which is clearly relegation form.

    Good piece though son.

  4. Frankly, any supporter who expected us to do well this season had set their expectations too high. I can live with 6th place – though how that will mean we’ve ‘progressed’ after Kenny I’m not sure. I can even accept a similar finishing place next season. Maybe it’s that, at 51 and a Kop season ticket holder for 30 years, I’m prepared to wait for sustainable success rather than berate all and sundry for not buying it now.


  5. Try going back to the halcyon days of the 80’s when every house said at 4.45 or thereabouts. How many did Liverpool win by.

    The problem isnt the manager. The goes back 20 years or so. And no better example of when Souness was at the helm. He had a squad of good but old, injury prone and slow players and had and I repeat had to make changes. The point I am making is that there was no succession planning. Building a youth academy based on Ajax was never going to be enough.

    It pains me to say but our fiercest rivals saw further into the future than we did and planned for the time when football would become a business. No coincidence Sky and the commercial world havent seen Liverpool win a title so far. The Enemy built a 70k stadium and commercially did it all.

    The reality for us now is that we need Fenway to back the manager to the hilt. And its worth remembering they head hunted him. And by back him set about a Chelsea or Man City type investment, obviously over 2 seasons or so due to fair finance regs and stuff.

    Or…. Put the club on the market. Not ideal but neither is being so far behind the others.

    This investment must come or Mr Suarez will be under the employment of Mr Guardiola and really given our failure to make CL football again. Could you blame him.

    The next 2 years could see us never return to the top of the PL…..

  6. Good piece Jay.

    I reckon you’d be better off winning the Europa this season though as it’d ensure European football next season and to be honest I can’t see Liverpool finishing in the top six come May. It’s a cup that’s rising in status and I reckon were an English team to win it that it’d be treated with more respect by Premiership teams in future.

    Nobody will remember a season with no trophy and a 6th place finish, to me it would seem more of a success for Rodgers to lift a cup this season. Personally, I’d rather see City finishing 3rd or 4th with the FA cup than no silverware and 2nd.

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