The Race For Fourth

I miss the days when the top 4 was virtually already decided before a ball was even kicked in a Premier League season.

Those words come from me, a bitter Liverpool supporter. I am unwilling to accept that Liverpool are no longer considered a “top 4”  side. Facing that fact has been tough and is something that Liverpool fans have been forced to accept recently. Brendan Rodgers looks like he may improve things soon, so there is now, as ever room for optimism among Liverpool supporters.

Arsenal seem to be in a similar situation to Liverpool at the moment. They are a big club in decline and have turned into a selling club lately and thus their position in the league is growing more concerning as each campaign goes by. Arsenal are now miles away from that invincible side that contained players like Viera, Pires, Keown, and Henry. They’ve sold Van Persie, Fabregas, Hleb, Toure, Adebayor, Nasri and Song – to name but a few. These were players that left in their prime. Arsenal have been on a steady decline for a number of years now and despite Walcott committing, things still look very shady.

Spurs are at the opposite end of the scale. Gareth Bale as we all know seems almost unplayable at the moment. Even with the lack of a top-class frontman, Spurs are a serious force and are challenging City for 2nd. Strength and depth along with a few wonder goals from Bale seem to have secured their place among the “big four” now. Villas Boas deserves all the credit he has been receiving lately.

Chelsea are without doubt not to be underestimated in the race for fourth. If any Arsenal fan thinks that their team will finish above Chelsea they have another thing coming. There is only 2 points between the sides at the moment but Chelsea’s quality will shine through. Lampard, Mata, Hazard and co have more than enough to secure their status amongst the “big four.”

Everton will fall away. Its inevitable. No bias there, its just what will happen. Same applies to West Brom. Neither squad posses the depth to really challenge now that we are at the business end of the campaign.

City and United are obviously going to remain in them Champions League spots so that needn’t really be mentioned. I think that Liverpool will finish 6th, just behind Arsenal. Next season though, I hope, will be a different story all together for Liverpool fans.

My prediction:

1. United – as much as it pains me

2. City

3. Spurs

4. Chelsea

5. Arsenal

6. Liverpool

7. Everton


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