Are LFC fans sick to the teeth with Suarez?

As a Liverpool fan, i’m sick to the teeth with the whole “biting” incident. (Pun intended) At first I was shocked and saw the funny side, but the more I thought about it the more I began thinking that Suarez was a bit of a disgrace. Now don’t get me wrong, I always knew Suarez was a headcase but even so, I am left feeling like he has let down the club.


I feel incredibly sorry for Brendan Rodgers. Luis Suarez should never have put him in the awkward position he is in. The post match interview with Rodgers was embarrassing for him i’m sure and he obviously didn’t know what to say. Suarez has been a great player for Liverpool but at times he can be a liability. (Evra for example) He is prone to some moments of madness that are downright stupid and confusing. But he can win you a game just as easily as he can lose you one. Ten silly yellow cards this season for a striker is ridiculous but the question is, is Luis good enough that we just accept his disrespectful behavior?


For me, the answer is a categorical yes! After the incident I was quite angry at Suarez. He gave away a penalty and should have been sent off but he then goes and scores a 97th  minute equalizer. You just couldn’t make that kind of thing up and for that Liverpool fans will remain on Suarez’ side. 


He is a genius on the field and after listening to Graeme Souness after the match I couldn’t help but find myself agreeing with him. He said that he has disrespected his team, his fans and above all the clubs reputation. Is this true? Yes. Liverpool is still regarded as one of the worlds greatest clubs and rightly so. Unfortunately Liverpool are no longer in a position of dominance domestically or in Europe but I cant help ponder the question that if Suarez stays does it make him bigger than Liverpool Football Club?


They always say that no-one is bigger that the club and especially one the size of Liverpool. If he stays, perhaps it sends out the wrong message. If he goes you could say the same thing. Jamie Carragher said today that he would rather have gotten bitten than had his leg broken by Lucas Neill. 


I still don’t know where I stand but whatever happens with Suarez, its going to be controversial and that is something that you can bank on. 


One thought on “Are LFC fans sick to the teeth with Suarez?

  1. I think as long as wants to stay Liverpool will keep him. You just don’t have the talent in the squad at the moment to let a truly world class player like Suarez leave.

    But 10 games will definitely make him wonder if he’s better off making a fresh start and Guardiola could certainly entice him to Munich during the summer.

    On a side note, whoever released that LFC statement about being ”shocked and disappointed” over ten games is clearly in serious denial. It’s an absolutely fair punishment and he should be relieved he didn’t get longer. Biting a player is arguably worse than Cantona’s kick in my opinion: it’s a psychopathic, extremely unstable way to attack someone and if he’s capable of that then he is liable to lash out at any time in any way in the future. Liverpool should count themselves lucky and stop making a scene with ignorant comments like that.

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