Top 4 and beyond for LIverpool

After witnessing one of the most bizarre Liverpool league games that I can remember, I cant help but feel incredibly optimistic about the remainder of the season. Beating a side like Arsenal is no mean feet but doing it so convincingly is nothing short of incredible. Frustration and despair has been part of my life as a Liverpool fan for the last number of years and even the most optimistic Red fans turned pessimist after our the last few seasons. That optimistic Liverpool fan inside me has unleashed itself and I cannot help but grow in anticipation for what Liverpool can achieve this season.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating how big of a deal this win is but having seen Liverpool beat Everton  so convincingly recently only adds to my delight. A minor blip against West Brom has prevented a mini heart attack on my part. We would have been 4 points off the top! As long as Suarez and Sturridge keep playing the way they are, then surely that elusive fourth spot can be Liverpool’s.

Liverpool’s run of fixtures looks very healthy also. Fulham, Swansea, Southampton and Sunderland are next up in the league, all of which should be winnable games. With 12 games remaining, Liverpool only have to play 4 of their top 4 rivals in the league. (that’s if you still consider Man United as top 4 challengers)

Brendan Rodgers continues to talk down a title challenge and I agree with him. I think that believing we can win the title this year would be quite naive. But as long as we keep playing the way we are, anything is possible. Steven Gerrard came out the other day and said he’s dreaming of winning the title this year but we can all dream. I don’t think it is a realistic possibility.

If Liverpool finish fourth, the possibilities are endless in my view. One or two new players and Liverpool could have the makings of a title winning side. Most importantly, finishing in the top 4 should be enough to keep hold of Luis Suarez. New full backs and a centre midfielder and I think Liverpool will be looking very strong next year.

The squad is so young too. Coutinho is 21, Sterling 19, Henderson 23, Sturridge 24, Sakho 23, Flanagan 20, Ibe 18, the list goes on and on. The blend of experience and youth that Liverpool has at the moment is perfect and with one or two additions I can’t see why Liverpool wouldn’t challenge next year.


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